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TRXi eHealth Solution

Convenient, Reliable & Caring

TRXi eHealth is a comprehensive solution for telemedicine and aims to provide quality healthcare services to all, especially the underserved sections of our society in rural and semi-urban areas. Our solution integrates practice management, EMR and audio/video communication seamlessly and helps patients, care givers and specialist doctors interact for medical requirements.

TRXi is a platform to advise patients online and backed by a large network of Tele-Care Centres and caring doctors. We bring together those who work tirelessly with the needy and underserved masses of our society to provide quality healthcare.

Quality and Affordability are the two pillars of our endeavour and we continue to work hard to bring smile on million faces.

Patient Services

Tele Consultation

Consult online with a specialist doctor and get expert advice or second opinion at your convenience. It’s convenient, affordable and reliable.

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Face to Face Consultation

Book an appointment with a specialist doctor for face to face consultation at doctor’s chamber. It’s simple, easy and reliable.

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Electronic Health Records

You will be able to store your medical records digitally without any fear of losing it. Your records are fully secured and protected.

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Ready To Serve You

Through TRXi eHealth, you will get a number of benefits – consult with your preferred doctor online or face to face and store medical records safely.

Book an appointment for Tele Consultation and get specialist doctor’s advice and opinion through a Tele-Care Center in your locality or from your home, whenever you need it without bothering to travel long distance. This is convenient and you save time and overall cost.

You will get access to TRXi patient portal to store your past medical records and reports. This is fully secured and protected and there is no hidden cost.

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Get access to a larger patient base across rural and remote areas and provide tele consultation using your time efficiently.

With TRXi eHealth system, you will be able to provide multiple services to your patients to complement your current practice and expand your patient base through a large network of Tele-Care Centers. Our network of Tele-Care Centers in the remote and rural areas will be your virtual assistance to grow your practice tremendously.

TRXi eHealth system is a comprehensive practice management tool that helps your office manage your practice more efficiently, engage your patients with caring service and keep pace with the chaning environment.

Join now to use TRXi eHealth – a value for money solution with unmatched service.

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Reach out to more patients through a vast network of Tele- Care Centres, expand your business and promote your brand and service through our special medical campaigns.

TRXi eHealth solution offers an enterprise practice management tool for clinics and hospitals. It integrates standard practice management workflow with EMR and administrative dashboard seamlessly and helps you to offer a more satisfying experience to the patients.

Our system is hosted in cloud and easy to setup your account and users with appropriate roles – Doctors, Assistants and Administrator. Our service is a one call away and your data is protected.

Subscribe now to expand your business and get a enterprise practice management solution.

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TRXi eHealth is a medico social initiative with a goal to serve the needy and underserved section of our society. Our telemedicine campaign aims to bring affordable healthcare to the doorsteps of those who otherwise do not hope to consult with a specialist doctor.

If you are a NGO or non-profit organization engaged to provide social service, especially in healthcare, you are welcome to use our TRXi eHealth solution to provide you healthcare service.

You may also help us, in conducting special medical campaigns in rural and remote areas. We will run the campaign at your prefered location using our system and tele-care center network according to your guideline.

Come and join hand to bring smile on a million faces – together with hope.

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As a Tele-Care Centre, you will act as the facilitator to connect and assist tele-consultations between patients and specialist doctors using TRXi eHealth solution.

Generate additional income and create employment with a minimum investment to create your own telemedicine infrastructure and bring affordable healthcare services to the patients in your locality.

You will also be an integral part of our medico social initiative and participate in running medical campaign in your locality. Our team will guide you setup your centre and provide system training on TRXi eHealth and support to start operation smoothly.

Join us to grow your business and bring affordable health services – Caring and Reliable.

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TRXi Campaign – Bringing Smile on Million Faces

Our goal is to bring affordable healthcare to the needy and underserved population of our society. To achieve this goal we work closely with NGOs and Corporate houses to run medical campaigns at rural and remote areas through our eHealth platform and Tele-Care Center network.

A group of doctors participate in those campaigns and interact with patients online or on-site to provide advice to the needy and deserving ones. The cost of such campaigns are not very high but it brings hope to hundreds of patients who otherwise would not dream to visit a specialist doctor. We run medical campaign according to sponsoring organization’s guidelines and preference.

Come and Join hand to run a medical campaign and bring smile on million faces.

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Dr. Sipra Goswami

The system is very simple to use. I could write the prescription quite easily while talking to patient over video. With good internet the experience is realy great!

arrow Dr. Sipra Goswami
Dr. Manabendra Roy

This is good endeavour so that pepole of the remote corner of the country can get benefit for their health problems from good health personnel.

arrow Dr. Manabendra Roy
Dr. Sanjay Mandal

My experince with TRXi has been great. It is simple and easy to use. The video conferencing is very smooth and interactive.

arrow Dr. Sanjay Mandal
Dr. Debi Dutta

My initial experience with TRXi is great! The teleconsultation system is very user friendly and easy to use. Moreover, it will help the people of remote area.

arrow Dr. Debi Dutta