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About Us

We are a Technology Startup in Kolkata, RupTek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. destined to make better software through innovation. Our goal is not to oversell our capabilities but delight our clients through our services backed by technical expertise, process knowledge and project management best practices. And we always strive to provide excellent services through innovation and commitment. Our commitment is our greatest asset and so we do not fail in delivering the right solution and services. We do projects, and we build our own products too. We understand client’s risk and assist them with complete transparency till they are satisfied. We constantly enhance our product as per market needs.

Our mission is to serve people through software solutions both as our own product and as a client Project . We have strong domain knowledge in :

  • Health Information Technology
    • Telemedicine & Practice Management
    • Hospital Management
  • Process Management Tool
    • Audit Management
    • Project Management Workflow
  • Web Design and Application Development
  • BPO/KPO Services

For any requirement discussion please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact section.

TRXi, is a result of our thought on availing Healthcare Service of expert consultatnts to remote areas, over internet.

What is TRXi?

TRXi is a E-health exchange platform. This is an e-commerce platform for the providers and consumers of healthcare for transaction of healthcare services and products. Any healthcare service provider shall be able to display their services and products so that consumers can choose from the options available, and avail services through this platform.

TRXi’s core aim is to make the Patients and Specialists exchanging their medical information by a cost effective web based medical software/application. It brings all the stakeholders to value their cost, travel and time for an effective and timely delivery of healthcare services.

Enhances medical education training programs through the available network. Every corporate could also avail health records and consultations for their desired locations.

TRXi is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from your home or office or on the move.