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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers is a list of all types of users. Please go to through this. If you still have questions please feel free to contact our Helpdesk

1. How do I Register?

Please contact our Tele-care center in your locality or contact TRXi Helpdesk at +91 9830351445 .

2. In how many ways I can consult with doctors through this platform?

You can avail a tele-consultation or face to face consultation with a specialist doctor.

3. What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a method of consulting with doctor over internet in the form of audio/video communication. You can do video conference with a doctor from home or from any Tele-Care center. Doctor will be able to view your medical reports as uploaded by you and advise.

4. How does Face To Face consultation work?

This mode of service is to have medical consultation at Doctor's chamber. For this, you have to book an appointment from our portal, take the booking details printed and appear before doctor in the date & time mentioned. Consultation fee can be directly given to the doctor.

5. Who are our service providers?

We have a robust network of qualified specialist doctors across all major specialties. Our specialists are screened through a rigorous credentialing process .

6. Where can a telemedicine service be performed?

Tele consultation is performed from a nearby Tele Care centre and specialist doctors shall attend to it from his location.

7. How do I pay for a Telemedicine consultation?

You have to pay to the Tele-Care Center for tele-consultation.

9. What happens in a Telemedicine session?

You receive all the assistance you need before, during and after a tele-consultation. During a session, the following will typically occur: The specialist will speak with you and ask questions in exactly the same way as a face to face consultation. You will not be expected to operate any equipment but need to update your vitals and upload medical reports.

9. How secure is my health and payment data?

Your health records and payment data is fully secured. Your health data will be shared with the consulting doctor only.

10. Can TRXi platform be used for emergency medical purpose?

We would recommend you to immediately contact a hospital or doctor nearby.

11. What should be my machine configuration to conduct Tele-Consultation ?

• Windows Windows® 7, and above. • Dual core 2.4GHz CPU or faster • At least 2 GB of RAM. • Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.0 or later, Google Chrome 5.0 or later or Mozilla or later (JavaScript and Java enabled). • headset with microphone and speaker • Webcam

12. What is the recommended internet connection?

Any kind of 3G or 4G connection is fine for a smooth Tele consultatioin.